We develop, launch and scale social enterprises!

The Mission Center L3C has been incubating and accelerating high impact social enterprises since first launching in 2010. Starting with its Founder, Chris Miller’s own venture, TMCL3C incubated and scaled a comprehensive management services organization for nonprofits. With a dual mission of increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of its 150+ nonprofit clients and members by providing the primarily 501(c)3’s “economies of scale” in their back-office operations while simultaneously providing at least a portion of the L3C’s revenue that it immediately reinvests in its charitable purpose of providing education to hundreds of social entrepreneurs through a combination of programs and institutional partnerships such as Washington University in St. Louis and the University of Missouri-St. Louis.


In addition to the support it’s now graduated venture, Nonprofit Services @The Mission Center, provides the L3C, it has also been engaged by private foundations and impact investors such as the Missouri Foundation for Health and Phillip Fisher’s Mission Throttle L3C in developing, launching and scaling nonprofit, for-profit and hybrid social enterprises.


Check out some of the following examples of our incubation and acceleration work include.





We love helping nonprofits!

The first social enterprise TMC L3C developed, launched and subsequently graduated is a comprehensive business services center for nonprofits that provides economies of scale in human resources, accounting and health insurance.


We are an administrator of a statewide consortium of nonprofits!

In 2010, The Mission Center Nonprofit Services brought together 60 nonprofits across the state of Missouri to create one of the country’s first statewide, wholly nonprofit healthcare consortiums. Now, in keeping with its commitment to its nonprofit members and in response to the changes that are set to occur under the Affordable Care Act by 2014, The Mission Center has taken on the role of developing Missouri’s “Co-Op” under the ACA, a new form of tax-exempt health insurance carrier. As a result of The Mission Center’s status as the administrator of a statewide consortium of nonprofits, it’s been able to conceptualize the unique application of the ACA’s Co-Op model as one made up primarily of nonprofit employers who will then be able to provide access to health coverage to the very individuals they serve through the same insurance carrier that they helped form and govern.


Twitter: @NPHealthReform

The Mission Center L3C, in partnership with the Missouri Foundation for Health, the Healthcare Foundation of Greater Kansas City and the over 100 members of its statewide nonprofit health insurance consortium are engaged in a nonpartisan effort to live into the historic possibilities presented by the changing nature of healthcare in America. This page is designed to provide our stakeholders a communication platform to stay up-to-date about the continued growth of the statewide health insurance consortium, as well as the ever changing world of healthcare reform in the state of Missouri.


We help social innovators, entrepreneurs and enterprises.

St. Louis’ only support organization designed specifically for social innovators, entrepreneurs and enterprises. By providing a comprehensive suite of capacity building services to its nonprofit, for-profit and hybrid clients, TMC L3C is concentrating its resources on the expansion of four core programs:




Providing a holistic series of educational opportunities ranging from monthly workshops to bi-monthly mentoring sessions, as well as weekly coaching services.


University Collaboration

Providing a “one-stop-shop” for social entrepreneurs to access both curricular and co-curricular resources of the region’s premier educational institutions.


Network Building

Proactively connecting nodes in the social entrepreneurship networks locally, nationally and internationally.


Impact Investing Resources

Working with local and national stakeholders to increase the amount and types of capital available to social entrepreneurs in the region.


We helped develop a social enterprise under a nonprofit structure.

TMC L3C began working with the Founder of Explore Transplant, Dr. Amy Waterman, before the organization had even formally incorporated itself as a 501(c)3 in 2010 and guided them through the process of starting a social enterprise under a nonprofit structure.


As part of their evolution, TMC L3C worked with the organization to develop its board, business plan and facilitate its successful winning of Washington University in St. Louis’ Social Enterprise business plan competition. Subsequently, TMC L3C assisted in finding its first full time staff member and collaborated with its Nonprofit Services division to hire the staff as an employee under the L3C, provide its human resource and accounting functions as well as physical space from which the organization could scale.


Check out these dynamic organizations.

100% Wine and the Big Heart Wine Foundation, Pheeva and the Wash U Bitcoin Society (now Fluent), The Disruption Department, Rupununi Learners, Table Wisdom, Women’s Bakery L3C and Inc., Mavuno Inc., GoodMap, IdeaLabs, St. Louis Dancing Classrooms, MRC-K9