The Mission Center L3C is the St. Louis hub for social entrepreneurs where Alice educates and coaches those engaged in social start-ups, as well as runs an ongoing Accelerator for more mature ventures. Alice enjoys connecting Accelerants to the wider world of experts, mentors and investors.


As a Co-Founder of the Washington University Startup Training Lab and an Instructor of Social Entrepreneurship at the University of Missouri-St. Louis, Alice brings a wealth of knowledge to help train and coach community and student entrepreneurs, both social and commercial, in enterprise fundamentals, from ideation and innovation through customer development and prototyping.



Alice is also the Founder and CEO of Wabbani LLC, a for-profit social enterprise that produces handmade, culturally-authentic home décor, personalizing IKEA products while fitting their exact specifications, and preserving cultures and habitats in marginalized communities. Our inaugural product line is made by indigenous artisans in the Rupununi region of Guyana, South America. In future we will offer an expanded product line from multiple countries. Our goal is to serve as a global platform connecting remote/rural artisans with customers everywhere.





Chris Miller
Founder and CEO

Ken Miller
Chief Executive Officer

Lisa Konsewicz
Chief Financial Officer