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Nonprofit Quarterly to Host a Four-Part Series on Executive Transitions

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Complimentary Webinar, March 31st 1:30 -2:30 pm EST:
The End Game: A Sustainability Framework for Executive TransitionThe First of a 4 Part Webinar Series on Executive Transitions – For Boards and Executives
Cohosted by Nonprofit Quarterly, Boardsource and Raffa Associates

Speakers: NPQ’s Editor-in-chief Ruth McCambridge and Director of Sustainability, Succession and Transition Planning Tom Adams, Raffa, P.C.

This session will define some terms associated with succession planning and executive transition and will quickly look at the variables involved in various scenarios. Additionally we will discuss what part succession planning plays in nonprofit sustainability.

What are the factors that need to be attended to for the organization not to lose ground during a transition and how should these generally be approached?
What are appropriate and inappropriate end goals for an executive transition?
Among the topics that will be addressed are the part that organizational culture plays in transitions, and the importance of using the moment to examine your enterprise model.

This series of webinars, which involves some of NPQ’s most expert authors on the issue, addresses the components of good succession planning and transitions from deepening the leadership “bench” to creating exit agreements.

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