We provide professional consulting and coaching designed for you.

The Mission Center believes that consulting services should be viewed as part of a broader capacity building continuum. Our team works with startups, as well as established organizations in need of guidance. The Mission Center offers high-quality coaching sessions that help to analyze financial information to make important business decisions. Please contact us to learn more about consulting and professional coaching services designed to meet your organization’s specific needs.


Our Areas of Expertise include:


Chart of Accounts

- Restricted and unrestricted funds
- Revenue and expense accounts
- Functional expenses


Segregation of Duties

- Authorization
- Safekeeping
- Record keeping


Financial Reporting

- Statement of financial position / balance sheet
- Statement of activity / profit and loss statement
- Profit and loss budget performance
- General ledger


Budget Development

- Sources of revenue
- Expense tracking
- Fundraising events


We develop, launch and scale social enterprises!

The Mission Center L3C has been incubating and accelerating high impact social enterprises since first launching in 2010. Starting with its Founder, Chris Miller’s own venture, TMCL3C incubated and scaled a comprehensive management services organization for nonprofits. With a dual mission of increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of its 150+ nonprofit clients and members by providing the primarily 501(c)3’s “economies of scale” in their back-office operations while simultaneously providing at least a portion of the L3C’s revenue that it immediately reinvests in its charitable purpose of providing education to hundreds of social entrepreneurs through a combination of programs and institutional partnerships such as Washington University in St. Louis and the University of Missouri-St. Louis. In addition to the support it’s now graduated venture, Nonprofit Services @The Mission Center, provides the L3C, it has also been engaged by private foundations and impact investors such as the Missouri Foundation for Health and Phillip Fisher’s Mission Throttle L3C in developing, launching and scaling nonprofit, for-profit and hybrid social enterprises. We recommend an initial meeting to discuss your needs, expectations, and desired outcomes. This will enable us to provide a proposal outlining the scope of work including recommended activities and a fee schedule. Please contact the Mission Center Nonprofit Services team for more information.