We are dedicated to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your back-office operations.

With over 40 years of combined nonprofit accounting experience, Nonprofit Services at The Mission Center works exclusively with nonprofits and understands the unique requirements organizations face when compared to generalist accounting firms. Nonprofit Services at The Mission Center works one-on-one with nonprofit organizations to customize an approach that best meets your needs and assures your accounting meets GAAP standards.



Let us help you achieve your mission by allowing us to do what we do best in providing you accounting services to further your purpose: click here to get started.


Data Entry

– Record bills/invoices
– Print checks
– Record payroll data
– Record deposits
– Post receivables and liabilities



– Reconcile bank accounts
– Post monthly journal entries
– Reconcile and analyze accounts
– Record accruals/deferrals


Accounting Management

– Review transactions
– Prepare monthly financial statements
– Prepare special reports for funders
– Assist with year-end 990 reporting
– Support budget development
- Board members/Executive Directors: How to read financials

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Our work together begins with a discovery process.

Our work together begins with a discovery process. The first step is to complete our quick questionnaire. Once you’ve completed the questionnaire, a member of our Accounting Team will contact you to set up a meeting with key staff, volunteers, and/or board members to discuss your needs, expectations, and budget.



Pricing is determined by a variety of factors including transaction volume, number of revenue sources and monthly reconciliation requirements. We provide a flat monthly rate that reflects the time needed to perform regular monthly bookkeeping, reporting and oversight, as well as annual audit and budget support. Our goal is to spread the costs associated with high-volume transaction periods (galas, annual appeals) and high-profile activities like the budget and audit over a 12-month term – this helps our clients budget for this expense and manage cash flow.


Upon engagement of our services, set-up typically includes the transfer and review of data from current financial systems; review/revision of policies and procedures; assessment of the chart of accounts, standard reports and other financial tools; and the documentation of roles and responsibilities including deadlines for submissions and reports. A strong working relationship with clear expectations and flat pricing means we never “start the clock” and our clients won’t hesitate to call or email whenever they need us.


Please contact Lisa Konsewicz to schedule an appointment to learn more about our accounting services.





Step 1

Client receives invoice/bill. Client emails bill or check request to The Mission Center.


Step 2

The Mission Center records the invoice/bill and prints a check. The Mission Center mails the check to the client


Step 3

Client receives the checks and signs them. Client sends them to the vendors.



Step 1

Client receives a donation and client deposits the check into the bank.


Step 2

Client sends a copy of the check or a deposit log to The Mission Center


Step 3

The Mission Center records the deposit